Gingerbread / Hansel and Gretel House - PART 2

Assembling the honey cake or gingerbread House, Hansel and Gretel house:

Read the instruction completely and plan beforehand. Assembly time: two hours, at least.


something to build the house on (a tile or similar)

dark chocolate, melted 200 g or more, it is up to your taste
candies etc., how much and which kind is up to you, see foto
1 egg white
170 g icing sugar (6 oz.) (you h a v e to weigh it)
1 syringe (pharmacy) 100 ml


First thing you have to decide on what „estate“ you want to construct your house on. You can use cardboard (good when it is a present), a plate of wood, Kimberley shale or a silver tray. As long as it is stable and hygienic, take whatever you like.

Plan this in advance, because once you want to start assembling the house you don‘t want to run around searching for a piece of something.

I decided for a tile, which I bought in a DIY shop and cost only 3 EUR. It measures 30x30 cm (12x12 inch).


Make a model of the house with cardboard.


Do the same for the lot of land (if you want to make this) on which it stands and for the fir tree. My model is looking more or less like this:


Place it on your tile. This helps you finding the wright proportions so that you don‘t have to spoil any building material. If you think the house is too high compared to the fir-tree, shorten the gables. If you think the roof is to small make a new and bigger one. Take also into consideration that in the end the house will appear bigger or more massive than your model, as the cake is thicker than the cardboard model.

I think it is nice when the roof is overlapping the gable on both sides. This is typical for houses in forests like the black forest.

Also, it is the house of a poor old woman. It does not need to be perfect. In the contrary, if it is a little bit out of square it makes it more interesting. Keep that in mind, if things don‘t work out so easily. You will end up with something, it will be nice and you can be proud of it.

Mix the egg white until firm and add the icing sugar in three times. Fill it into the syringe and cover the rest with cling film, it dries quickly. It also helps, to put a tooth pick into the point of the syringe, this avoids the paste to dry out and plug the syringe. In the following this is called glue.

Put your plan on the baked and cold cake and cut the pieces with a sharp knife.


Paint the backside of the gables, roofs and walls with some dark chocolate (tastes better), and let it harden up side down. The front will be decorated afterwards.

Fix the lot of land on the pile with some drops of chocolate.

For the fir-tree: Cut three pieces of the remaining dough, fix them with the dark chocolate on the back side of the fir-tree, so that it is able to keep standing. Let it cool upside down.


When it is cool you put it backside down into a bowl, or between two bowls of the same size, so that you can decorate the fir-tree. You can paint it with dark chocolate ( I did not do this on the photos). On the cold a hardened choc you put some dot of egg white and sugar glue. On this dot you put you decoration.


For the house: Take one gable and cut out a door. Paint the door completely with chocolate.

Decorate with glue, paint a window, put on sweets and candies. Let it dry. Do the same with the backside.

Put the front gable in the final position on the lot. Put glue (or dark chocolate) on that place on the lot, press the gable on it and hold until firm. Do the same with the walls. You can fix the walls with tooth picks, but don‘t forget to take them out.


Before fixing the backside gable in the same way, hold one roof in the desired final position. May be the roof does not overlap nicely.

The width of the small wall of the house changes according to the thickness of the gables‘ dough. The thicker the cake, the width of the wall has to be reduced. Cut it more narrow. Now you can fix the backside gable. Glue well. Give it time to dry or harden well.

Now it is a good moment for making a pause because next you have to fix the roof and that can only be done on a solid base.

The both sides of the roof will be decorated after having been fixed. Put some glue on the slope side of the gable (front and back) and put one roof on it. You can fix it with a toothpick and a small box under it.


Repeat on the other side. Let it dry.

Cut three squares of perhaps 3 cm / 1,2 inch and fix it on the tip of the roof. It is the chimney. Decorate the door and put it where it belongs.

Once this is done, you can start decorating the roof. If you put the tiles overlapping (which is more correct) remember to start in the bottom.

Pasted Graphic

Now the worst part is over. You just have to put all the leftover decoration on and around the house. A little path that Hansel and Gretel are walking, some pieces of wood, the magic mushroom and make icicles - lots of icicles.

So, this is it.

Have fun.