Gingerbread / Hansel and Gretel House - PART 2

Assembling the honey cake or gingerbread House, Hansel and Gretel house:

Read the instruction completely and plan beforehand. Assembly time: two hours, at least.


something to build the house on (a tile or similar)

dark chocolate, melted 200 g or more, it is up to your taste
candies etc., how much and which kind is up to you, see foto
1 eggwhite
170 g icing sugar (375 US) (you h a v e to weigh it)
1 syringe (pharmacy) 100 ml


First thing you have to decide on what „estate“ you want to construct your house on. You can use cardbord (good when it is a present), a plate of wood, Kimberley shale or a silver tray. As long as it is stable and hygienic, take whatever you like.

Plan this in advance, because once you want to start assembling the house you don‘t want to run around searching for a piece of something.