Hello and Welcome,

My name is Ina and I am happy you found my website „ I cook in Germany“.

I love cooking and found that German cuisine is not very much present on the internet. So, I would like to change this and decided to share my recipes and kitchen experience of typical (and not quite so typical) German cooking by creating my own blog. It is about food, recipes, cooking and all the things that happen along the way. Writing about food means also writing about the life that surrounds us. As I happen to live in Germany, this blog is also meant to be a bridge to understanding our way of life.

I am living in Westphalia in the north-west. Gütersloh is my hometown. I am living here together with my husband since 2004. Before, we have been living for more than 20 years in southern Germany, most of the time in the Lake Constance area. Then, life brought us back to the city of my childhood and youth, not far from my husband‘s hometown Düsseldorf.

So, I will simply write about life and cooking. Of course I will give you the recipes. So, just come back from time to time and see what’s next.

Your feedback is very much appreciated.


Responsible for the content of this website:

Ina Langner
Kiefernstr. 13
33334 Gütersloh

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